Conversion LUTs

Sony Conversion LUTs (Look-Up Tables) are crucial tools for video production and post-production. By mapping one set of colors to another, they aid in color grading by guaranteeing uniformity and a certain look over many clips. LUTs are very useful when working with Sony cameras since they allow videographers to make exact color adjustments and artistic effects that match their creative vision.

In the field of professional cinematography, finding the perfect color tone could make or break a production. Sony Conversion LUTs are essential for filmmakers looking to improve the visual narrative of their productions. These LUTs guarantee that film produced with multiple cameras or lighting situations looks unified. They save time, ensure consistency, and improve the overall quality of visual output.  
Conversion LUTs Specifications

Supported Camera Models


Our LUTs are specifically created to take full advantage of the FX6's dynamic range and color fidelity, ensuring your footage meets the highest professional standards.


For the compact yet powerful FX3, our LUTs enhance its color accuracy and depth, the ideal choice for professional filmmakers needing high-quality results.


With the FX9's 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording and 16-bit RAW output capabilities, our LUTs help you achieve superior color accuracy and depth.


The Alpha 7SIII’s footage benefits from our LUTs, which excel in low-light conditions and offer extensive post-production flexibility.


These LUTs are perfect for the A7IV, ensuring that the higher bit depth recordings achieve exceptional color depth and cinematic quality.


Our Sony Conversion LUTs are crafted to enhance the 8-bit footage from the A7III, providing accurate colors.

Sony Venice

Tailored for the high-end capabilities of the Venice, our LUTs provide exceptional color and dynamic range for major film productions.

Alpha A1

Our LUTs are optimized for the Alpha 1, ensuring the highest image quality and color precision, perfect for professional video projects.


Our Sony Conversion LUTs are tailored for the ZV-E1, enhancing its footage to achieve vibrant color accuracy and depth, ideal for vloggers and content creators.

Supporting all Sony cameras with S-Log and HLG3


Sony Monitor LUTs

As an added bonus with this purchase, you’ll receive monitor versions of the LUTs. These are optimized in size to work in any camera or external monitor.

Sony Conversion LUTs

Transform Your Footage, Boost Your Impact.

Quality of Our Sony Conversion LUTs

Our excellently designed Sony Conversion LUTs are designed to boost your video projects by providing optimal color and dynamic range enhancement.

With our Sony Conversion LUTs, you can also add your own distinctive style to your productions while keeping high color accuracy and grading. Using advanced color correcting techniques, we improve Sony cameras’ natural colors and dynamic range, resulting in spectacular pictures under all shooting situations.

What separates our LUTs is their flexibility. Our LUTs are quick and easy to use and ideal for a broad range of video projects, from short films to commercial productions, making them accessible to filmmakers of all experience levels.


Sony Conversion LUTs Overview

1. Nebula Neutral

Nebula Neutral is the versatile emperor of the color world. This LUT keeps everything balanced without favoring cold or warm tones, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of projects.

2. Nebula Cold

Nebula Cold transports you to icy, serene landscapes. This LUT imparts a cool tone to your footage, creating a sense of calm and distance. Creates a feeling of clarity and purity.

3. Nebula Warm

Nebula Warm wraps you in a blanket of warmth and coziness. This LUT radiates with its golden glow, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. Warm color tone with rich, golden hues.

4. Nebula Vision

Nebula Vision is the futuristic pioneer of the visual world. This LUT gives your footage a unique and progressive look, as if peering into the future. Blends cool and warm tones for a dynamic effect.

5. Nebula XTR

Nebula XTR is the intensive powerhouse that pushes your footage to the limit. This LUT gives a dramatic boost to colors and contrasts, making every scene pop. Creates a bold and powerful look.

6. Nebula Eternal

Nebula Eternal brings timeless elegance to your footage. This LUT ensures a classic look, giving every scene a touch of eternity. Maintains a classic and elegant appearance.

7. Nebula Split

Nebula Split offers the perfect balance between natural look and artistic enhancement. It’s designed for those who seek to add a touch of elegance to their videos.

8. Nebula 5213

Nebula 5213 is the nostalgic filmmaker who brings a vintage film look to modern footage. This LUT mimics classic film colors for an authentic, old-school feel.

9. Nebula 2383

Nebula 2383 is the modern successor of classic film emulsions. This LUT offers a refined film look that gives your footage a professional and cinematic character.

10. Teal & Orange

Teal & Orange ensures that typical Hollywood look. This LUT uses complementary colors to give your footage a dramatic and stylish twist. Ideal for action, adventure, and provides a cinematic and professional look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section for helpful insights and solutions. Whether you’re looking for compatibility details, customization options, or guidance across diverse projects, find the answers you need.

1. Are this Conversion LUTs compatible with my editing software?

Absolutely! Our Nebula Conversion LUTs are compatible with various editing software and any other programs that support LUTs.


Whether you're a professional editor or a beginner, you can seamlessly integrate RealFilm into your workflow and enhance your footage with cinematic brilliance. Supported software includes DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Sony Vegas Pro.


Additionally, Nebula Conversion LUTs can be used with any other software that supports LUTs, providing flexibility across a wide range of editing platforms.

2. How do I install LUTs on my camera?

Ensure your camera supports LUTs, and if not, utilize an external monitor. Download your LUTs, format your SD card, create a 'LUT' folder, transfer the LUTs into this folder, insert the card into your camera, and select the LUTs from the camera menu.

3. How do LUTs improve video quality?

LUTs enhance video quality by providing predefined color grading that can significantly improve the look and feel of your footage.

4. How does Nebula LUTs compare to other film emulation tools on the market?

Nebula LUTs are meticulously designed to provide a perfect starting point for your color grading. With advanced algorithms, these conversion LUTs ensure accurate color representation and enhanced visual quality. Even when working with 8-bit footage, Nebula LUTs deliver a consistent and reliable base, allowing you to achieve cinematic brilliance with ease. Our LUTs help you maintain the integrity of your footage while offering exceptional results, making your post-production process smoother and more efficient.

5. Are Nebula Conversion LUTs also for high-end, large-scale film and video productions?

Certainly! Nebula Luts is crafted to meet the demands of professional filmmakers and large-scale productions. Its robust capabilities ensure optimal performance even in high-resolution projects. Renowned for its ability to enhance cinematic aesthetics without compromising on quality, Nebula LUTs has become a trusted choice for those working on major film and video productions. Elevate your visuals and experience the power of RealFilm in every frame, regardless of the scale of your project.

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