A list of the 50 best interview questions

It is sometimes difficult to come up with good interview questions because the process of formulating effective questions is a challenge. You need to ensure that the questions are relevant to the position and that you obtain the right information to evaluate the candidate. You also need to make sure that the questions are not too open-ended so that you don’t receive information that is beyond the scope.

On the other hand, you cannot ask questions that are too specific, as this would limit the information you can gather. Additionally, you must also ensure that the questions remain neutral so that the candidate feels comfortable during the interview.

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Personal Questions

Personal questions in a business video interview are beneficial because they allow the candidate to showcase themselves as a complete person. They reveal the candidate’s personal side, providing the interviewer with a better understanding of the candidate and their qualities.

Furthermore, personal questions can help build a connection between the interviewer and the candidate, making the interview more comfortable, which benefits both parties.

  1. Can you briefly describe your professional journey?
  2. What inspired your career choice?
  3. Share a challenge you’ve overcome at work.
  4. What unique skills do you bring to your profession?
  5. Highlight a significant career achievement.
  6. How do you stay updated on industry trends?
  7. What values matter most in a work environment?
  8. How do you adapt to workplace changes?
  9. Discuss your time management and task prioritization.
  10. How do you resolve team conflicts?
  11. What’s your approach to setting and achieving goals?
  12. Describe a situation where you showed leadership.
  13. How do you handle feedback, both positive and critical?
  14. Talk about meeting tight deadlines.
  15. How do you manage workplace stress?
  16. Share an innovative problem-solving experience.
  17. How do you ensure work accuracy?
  18. Describe your current professional development efforts.
  19. Discuss cross-functional team collaboration.
  20. Share your public speaking or presentation experience.
  21. How do you prioritize ongoing learning?
  22. What motivates your best performance at work?
  23. Discuss a client or colleague negotiation.
  24. Highlight a project that saved costs or improved efficiency.
  25. Explain communicating complex information.
  26. How do you handle ambiguity at work?
  27. Describe adapting to new technology/tools.
  28. What ethical principles guide your decisions?
  29. Share mentoring or coaching experiences.
  30. Your vision for professional growth in 5 years?


10 Good Marketing Questions

Marketing interview questions in a corporate video setting are valuable because they allow the company to provide insight into its strategy and corporate culture to its audience and potential customers.

Employee interviews offer an authentic view of the company, capturing the viewer’s attention. Additionally, customer interviews can help in developing better marketing strategies that align with the company’s needs.

  1. What challenges have you encountered in marketing products/services?
  2. What did your most successful marketing campaign deliver?
  3. How do you leverage new technologies to enhance your marketing strategy?
  4. How do you determine the target audience for your marketing campaigns?
  5. How do you measure the results of your marketing efforts?
  6. How do you stay updated on emerging marketing trends?
  7. What marketing strategies have you employed to attract more customers?
  8. What is your approach to creating compelling content for your marketing efforts?
  9. What have you learned from past unsuccessful marketing campaigns?
  10. In your opinion, what are the advantages of a multichannel strategy?


10 random questions


Random interview questions in a corporate video are beneficial because they help the viewer gain a better understanding of the person being interviewed. They show viewers that the interviewee is approached in a more personal manner.

It can also help demonstrate that the interviewee is open and honest about their experiences. Random interview questions can also make a video more engaging and informative.

  1. Who is the most inspiring personality you have ever met?
  2. What is the most surprising experience you have ever had?
  3. Where do you draw your strength to keep going?
  4. What is the greatest challenge you have ever faced?
  5. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your mistakes?
  6. How have you educated yourself to become a better professional?
  7. What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from your employer?
  8. What is the most extraordinary opportunity you’ve ever been given?
  9. What advice would you give to someone just starting their job search?
  10. In what ways have you influenced your work environment?


Good luck with your interview!

For every interview you conduct, it’s wise to ask the right questions to obtain the necessary information. Good questions help you learn more about the candidate and their motivation to work at your company. To assist you in asking the right questions, we have compiled a list of the best interview questions. These questions will help you gain insights into the candidate’s skills, experience, and personality. By asking these questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of the candidate and be better equipped to decide if they are the right fit for the position. We hope that these interview questions will be of great benefit to you in selecting the right candidate.

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